Tidy Cats Contest

Hello All!

Since it fits with my theme, I thought I would post a contest I just stumbled upon that is being run by the Tidy Cats company.

Essentially, the goal of the contest is to change or eliminate the stereotype of “a crazy cat lady” (although if they eliminate that, then what am I?).

In order to enter, you must fill out the entry form, submit two pictures (specifications of those pictures are posted on the website), and write about your fulfilling life with multiple cats in 175 words or less.

The contest ends on September 11, 2009.

Specific rules, prize information, previous entries, and any other information about this contest can be found under the tidy cats link in my sidebar :).

You can bet your furry little tails (or those of your pets) that I will be entering!

Good Luck!

Oh, but before you leave, I have one little question for you

My First Post: An Introduction

Welcome to my blog, Cat’s Eye View. First and foremost, I thank you for reading this. However you managed to find my blog, I appreciate it.

I intend to write this blog about something that I am very passionate about: Pets. I love my pets, and I strongly feel that they complete a family. Unfortunately, not everyone feels this way, and thousands, maybe millions of animals are abused or mistreated every day. I want to bring a stronger awareness to this fact, and gather resources for information and ways to help fix this problem. Along the way, I guarantee there will be lots of personal stories of my own pets, both living ones and ones that have passed on and remain strong in my memory.

This is my main reason for creating this blog. There are a few other reasons involved as well

  1. I am looking for something new to do and learn about. What better way to learn about blogging than to blog?
  2. Blogging is very popular for many good reasons, and I highly doubt it will die out anytime soon, so I wanted to see what it was all about.
  3. I am currently out of a job and needed something to occupy my time.
  4. I am a very outgoing and unique person, and I thought that blogging would be the best way for me to start getting my voice out there to see what I am capable of.

I hope you will come back and keep checking, as I intend to post often and keep it interesting.